Friday, January 16, 2015

Cool Tools for School

Check out some of my favorite tools including the tool I used to create the presentation called Haiku Deck. View the presentation on the Haiku Deck site (link below the presentation) to see all the notes that accompany the slides. There you will find out more about the tool and the link to the tool sites.

Cool Tools - Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

Before Your Next Presentation...

You may want to view some things you may not want to do during your presentation. Great points!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Heads Up!

Take a dollar app and a dollar upgrade to create your own cards and you've got yourself the best 60 seconds brain break ever (or so you'll tell them that but really, they'll still be involved with learning). Using the Create Your Own Cards deck, you can add as many cards that you desire (but only one deck). Use vocabulary words, spelling words, etc to create a 60 second spectacular break that you can see on video! Yes, I said video. The app records the audience that is acting out the words while the one who is guessing the words is hold up the device.

App is available for iOS and android. You only need one device but you can include a whole class in the audience. You get Superstars, Act It Out, Animals Gone Wild, Blockbuster Movies, Icons, Legends & Starts, Accents and Impressions, Hey Mr. DJ and Just for Kids with the dollar purchase app. Neat, huh!?!

Not convinced? Check out Charades with Kids. It's completely free but be warned, there isn't a video feature which takes Ellen's app to a higher level of fun. 

Charades on iTunes -!-free/id653967729?mt=8 
Charades on Google Play -

Science of Everyday Life

There is so much to Discovery Education than just videos. If you teach science, I encourage you to check out Science of Everyday Life which focuses on teachers, families and students and each one of those areas branch off to another site of its own. The Teacher site includes videos and lesson plans. The Family site includes activities and resources. The Student site goes beyond activities with its Virtual Labs. Check it out!