Friday, March 9, 2012

Playful Minds App

Heard of Playful Minds? It's a cool little app that focuses on teaching Math to kiddos ages 5-8 or in grades K-2. It has a Multiplayer option to play with other kiddos online or in the neighborhood. Options include easy, normal or hard and you even have an option of switching grade levels during the game. Before you begin the adventure, you will have to set up the profiles for your kids. You have up to 5 accounts that can be created so if you plan to use this in the classroom, you'll need at least 5 iPads which I know some schools/districts have in place.

Parents will have to subscribe and verify their subscription. With that subscription, you can manage your profile and follow your kid's result (which must be unlocked by completing levels or purchasing coins which range in price of 2 bucks all ht way to 100 bucks). I learned about this app via Smart Apps for Kids blog/facebook page which also states that after a year of using the app, the creators want you to pay for a subscription which costs 7 bucks a year. If you're not interested in the yearly paid subscription, you can always enjoy it for a year and then press that delete button afterwards. I think it will be well worth your kiddos using it for at least the free year! :-)

Please support my friend Ron over at Smart Apps for Kids by using this link to access the app. And while you're at it, check out his spot on the web and participate in some of the giveaways to win some paid apps.

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