Thursday, March 29, 2012

Google Celebrates Nelson Mandela

Yesterday I twitted (via my technology account) about Google's new virtual museum on the life of Nelson Mandela. Today I had the opportunity to browse the online museum. You'll find family images, loads of videos, notes and letters and other important pieces of info, such as the years he spent behind bars, on this extraordinary man that was the First Black President of Africa. And Google has gathered this info and placed it in one place for the world to experience online. I have to say it's a must see so please take the time to Click This and experience Nelson Mandela as you have never experienced before!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Take a Walk Back in Time...

with an app. Video Time Machine isn't free but I think it's well worth the 3 bucks. Most reviews were 4 to 5 stars. A couple of people gave it one because it's just YouTube videos but what makes it unique is it's all organized, no searching on your part. It has been done for you.

I learned about it via SmartAppsforKids. If you can shell out a couple of bucks, I promise you won't be disappointed. Read a review on Video Time Machine by Smart Apps for Kids here and while you're at it, go and enter a chance to win an iPad from Smart Apps for Kids. It's a site created by a Dad who is on a quest to find the best educational apps for the iPad and iPhone. You can enter the giveaway in many ways and you still have 10 days to do so. Enter daily for more chances to win.

Best of Luck on the giveaway and enjoy his cool site!

5 iPhone Apps for the Classroom

When my boss, the assistant sup for my district sent me an email entitled -

5 Free iPhone Apps for the Classroom

which included this info:

1. WordPress for Iphone - Teachers can use this app to send
out assignments to their students and stay connected in

2. iFlashCards - flashcards that can be carried around in a
convenient digital format!

3. Fluent News Reader - Help your students stay aware of
what's going on in the world

4. Dropbox 1.2.5 - Store, View and Share files from anywhere!

5. Dragon Dictation 2.0.0 - dictate a long series of notes and
then e-mail or text them

I immediately noticed that I already knew/had them already except for the last one which was Dragon Dictation. So I looked DD up and it's a pretty neat tool. You can dictate a long series of notes and share them easily with a tap on a button to Facebook, Twitter or email. You simply Tap to Record and Tap to Stop. It then puts your dictation in a word like document which can be edited as you wish or shared. Dictations are stored in the Notes section in DD. Simple app that speaks volume.

If you want the PC version, it comes with a hefty price of 150 bucks which does include more features but since I can use this neat app on my iPad at full screen for free, that's what I'll use for now.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Playful Minds App

Heard of Playful Minds? It's a cool little app that focuses on teaching Math to kiddos ages 5-8 or in grades K-2. It has a Multiplayer option to play with other kiddos online or in the neighborhood. Options include easy, normal or hard and you even have an option of switching grade levels during the game. Before you begin the adventure, you will have to set up the profiles for your kids. You have up to 5 accounts that can be created so if you plan to use this in the classroom, you'll need at least 5 iPads which I know some schools/districts have in place.

Parents will have to subscribe and verify their subscription. With that subscription, you can manage your profile and follow your kid's result (which must be unlocked by completing levels or purchasing coins which range in price of 2 bucks all ht way to 100 bucks). I learned about this app via Smart Apps for Kids blog/facebook page which also states that after a year of using the app, the creators want you to pay for a subscription which costs 7 bucks a year. If you're not interested in the yearly paid subscription, you can always enjoy it for a year and then press that delete button afterwards. I think it will be well worth your kiddos using it for at least the free year! :-)

Please support my friend Ron over at Smart Apps for Kids by using this link to access the app. And while you're at it, check out his spot on the web and participate in some of the giveaways to win some paid apps.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Scholastic Gets Appy!

With just 3 easy screens, you'll be ready to go digital with Scholastic new "app" - Storia. Storia is what Scholastic calls "the fun, interactive, and educational eReading App for children". With this new app from Scholastic, you'll receive 5 FREE eBooks when you download it either to your Windows PC or to your Apple iPad. The Windows version is available today and the iPad version will be released in a matter of days which will allow you to take your eBooks with you wherever you go.

Storia's features include leveled books, reading progress tracker, an eDictionary and interactive activities that build vocabulary in a fun way. Their shop includes a Pre-K Level, Grades K-1, Grades 2-3, Grades 4-6 and Grades 7 & Up.  All Storia eBooks automatically open to the last page read or bookmarked which makes syncing to all devices a much loved feature.

Downloading is easy. Once you click on the download link here, then you'll click "save file", "run" and "done". Super easy, huh! And once the iPad app goes live, it will be as easy as a "tap of a button", "entering your iTunes password" and "tapping the confirm button". Either way you look at it, it'll be just 3 easy steps that will open a whole new world of reading.

Please note that prices will vary for each eBook and that all books purchased through Scholastic Storia App may only be used within the app.

Monday, March 5, 2012

YouTube for Schools

Is YouTube blocked in your school/district? Want to show an awesome video to your students but can't because it's on YouTube. Wondering about what workarounds you can use? There's a service from YouTube that's caters just to the educational world. Bring the power to your classroom for free and access free high quality videos on YouTube in a controlled environment.

First learn about it here (get the FAQ's), then contact your administrator to set up your Google Account if you school/district does not already have it.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy Brthday Dr. Seuss!

Today is Read Across America Day and to top it off, the movie Lorax hits the movie theaters (Catch the trailer, here! ) today on Dr. Seuss Birthday. Theodor (“Ted”) Seuss Geisel was born on March 2, 1904, in Springfield, Massachusetts. Kids and Adults alike all over the country are celebrating the impact of this great author and promoting the love of reading. Be sure to view the video below to hear and see actor/singer Justin Bieber read the book The Cat in the Hat. Also, check out NEA's School Tube Channel. This is the 15th Year that National Education Association has promoted their signature program of building a nation of readers. Here a link to NEA's Classroom Activity Guide for use in the classroom. PBS Kids have their own spot dedicated to The Cat in the Hat. If you're an iPad user or a classroom with iPads, check out the Free Rover app that I previously mentioned here. Happy Friday and Happy Reading!

  • Dr. Seuss Activities via the PediStaff on Pinterest

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Cat in the Hat - Justin Bieber Style

Pinterest PediStaff Boards

As I browsed for "fun things to do" in celebration of Dr. Suess Day which is always March 2 of every year and will be tomorrow, I ran across a very interesting group/pinner(s) on Pinterest - PediaStaff. With 10,000 plus followers and 124 Boards, these boards are dynamic. (School Psychology Boards)

Here's a list of some of the boards you can find via PediaStaff:
Sensory Activities & Messy Play
Rhyming Time
Find Motor Activities/Exercises/Crafts
Literacy & Reading Fluency
Reading Comprehension / Critical Thinking
Inferences / Drawing Conclusions
Idioms / Figurative Language
Storytelling / Conversation
Visual Supports
Sequencing / Following Directions
Social Stories
Social Skills / Pragmatics
Emotions / Feelings
Photos 4 Working on Emotions / Problem Solving
Self Awareness
ADL - Activities for Daily LIfe
Scissor Skills Activities
Counting, Sorting, Matching
Vocabulary, Sight Words, Alphabet
Writing but not Handwriting
Language, Grammar, Sentences
Elicit Action Verbs Photos
Elicit Adjectives Photos
Auditory Processing
Visual Perception / Vision
Attention, Yoga, Mindfulness
Adaptations, AT, AAC, Aids
Feeding, Eating, Oral Moror
Classroom Management, Behavior
Hippotherapy, Animal Asst
Early Intervention
Responsenses to Intervention
Bilingualism / Multiculturalism
Sign Language
Neonatal Therapy / Preemies
Music Therapy
4 All Ped Therapist
Therapist Blogs to Read
Toys/Games/Products 4 Speech
Book Themed Lessons 4 Speech
Apps & Extras 4 Therapy
Professional Development
Holidays such as MLK, Chinese New Year, 1ooth Day, Dr. Suess and tons more

Just in case you haven't heard of Pinterest, it's an online pinning service for social bookmarking. I'm totally hooked and I would like to warn you in advance if you haven't stepped into that's addictive!

Happy Pinning and Enjoy PediStaff - they are awesome!