Thursday, August 25, 2011

Accelerated Reading

AR is now available not only online but as an app in the app store. Build a reading culture and make reading practice more effective for every student with Accelerated Reader. This link is a pdf file on using the app.

Here are a few examples to help you promote the Accelerated Reading Program in your class or school:

Number 1
Based on a 9 week quarter:  divide students’ point goals by nine and they can earn a portion of a banana split for each week that they make progress toward their goal.

week 1 bowl
week 2 spoon
week 3 banana
week 4 ice cream
week 5 whipped cream
week 6 chocolate syrup
week 7 nuts
week 8 sprinkles
week 9 a cherry on top

Number 2

15 Ar Points=extra Recess Time
25 Ar Points=’5 Extra Points’ Ticket (to Use At Any Time)
50 Ar Points=eat Lunch In Our Classroom With A Friend
75 Ar Points=student Gets To Use Teacher’s Desk For A Day
100 Ar Points=student Gets A ‘skip A Test’ Ticket
125 Ar Ponts=student Gets A Laptop To Use For The Day
150=out To Lunch With Teacher
200=special Outing
Additions Of 50 Points=reward Negotiable With Teacher

Number 3
Based on word count:
At 5,000 words they get a bookmark
At 10,000 they get a pencil
At 50,000 they get to go to the library for some “alone time” (I worked this out with the librarian)
At 150,000 they get to go to another class (they pick) and read to a younger child (also worked out with teachers)
At 500,000 they get a free book (I get a certificate from Scholastic and use my bonus points).

Here’s a snapshot of the student view on the iPad.

This certificate is available via linebook. You may edit it if you wish.

Disclaimer: The three reward example ideas were taken from the ProTeacher Community.

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