Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Whiteboard Apps

These two FREE, AWESOME whiteboard apps to use in the classroom are a must for any educator teaching children of all ages.

Share a great idea… Explain a tricky concept… Help kids with their homework…

ScreenChomp for iPad states they’ll helps you do it all.

It may seem like a simple doodling board with markers but this easy one-click sharing tool makes spreading your ideas super easy and fun! I created a quick ScreenChomp within minutes and feel in love with this app.

All you do is press RECORD then sketch your ideas and with a touch of a button, you can SHARE your creation. It’s simply a wonderful tool from the creators at TECH SMITH, the same company I use to record my video tutorials.

Quickly make your iPad a whiteboard tool. With ShowMe, you can record and share in simple, easy steps.

Pick one or both of these fun apps and let your kids create something special.

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