Thursday, March 22, 2012

5 iPhone Apps for the Classroom

When my boss, the assistant sup for my district sent me an email entitled -

5 Free iPhone Apps for the Classroom

which included this info:

1. WordPress for Iphone - Teachers can use this app to send
out assignments to their students and stay connected in

2. iFlashCards - flashcards that can be carried around in a
convenient digital format!

3. Fluent News Reader - Help your students stay aware of
what's going on in the world

4. Dropbox 1.2.5 - Store, View and Share files from anywhere!

5. Dragon Dictation 2.0.0 - dictate a long series of notes and
then e-mail or text them

I immediately noticed that I already knew/had them already except for the last one which was Dragon Dictation. So I looked DD up and it's a pretty neat tool. You can dictate a long series of notes and share them easily with a tap on a button to Facebook, Twitter or email. You simply Tap to Record and Tap to Stop. It then puts your dictation in a word like document which can be edited as you wish or shared. Dictations are stored in the Notes section in DD. Simple app that speaks volume.

If you want the PC version, it comes with a hefty price of 150 bucks which does include more features but since I can use this neat app on my iPad at full screen for free, that's what I'll use for now.

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