Monday, April 30, 2012

Holy Snap! It's Been Too Long!

I haven't had a breather-moment to write on my poor old deserted blog and I feel totally bad about it. Over the past 2 weeks I've worked my tail off on several things both professionally and personally. In particularly, I've picked up the "twitter-thing" which I totally was fighting tooth and nails at first. I must admit, I'm "kinda" getting the hang of it and starting to like it so please come follow me @arikajITF. I twit tech things that I don't necessarily blog about so check it out. And I've been in correspondence with the good folks over at, an awesome online tool for teachers with over 33,000+ educational videos and a directory of over 3,000 categories. WKL are on a nation-wide tour trying to get their name out there and their FREE resources in the hands of teachers and children around the country. And did I mention FREE! Yep, just log on to WatchKnowLearn and see what all the buzz is about!

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