Thursday, October 16, 2014


Nearpod's slogan is, "Rockin' lessons, engaging classrooms". I'd have to agree with them. This tool is way to cool not to use. Whether you're using mobile devices or desktops or laptops, this one is a keeper! 

Students write. They draw. They interact, - with nearpod. It's not just a PowerPoint, it's an engaging tool that allows your students to be completely involved with what you're teaching. Whether they are prompted to insert text, draw an image, answer a quiz or listen to you explain what's on their screen, you and your students will simply adore this tool. Learning doesn't have to be boring! It should be fun!

Create a free account. Become a nearpod expert. Use free presentations. Create your own. Or purchase ready-made presentations. Check out's a must see.

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