Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Android for Schools

I know that not every person loves Apple (I just don't know why, hahaha). It's apparent that "I'm a Mac" and I have been for many, many years. I purchased a really nice device that was Android enabled but no one uses it. It's just sitting on our kitchen counter collecting dust. My kids are even "Macs" and I've tried to get them to use it but they just can't warm up to it. They'd rather use the iPads or their iPods and so Android is not my/our world. With that said, I feel guilty posting everything iOS. So here's a post to help support those who use Android.

Richard Byrne, the tech geek over at Free Technology for Teachers, recently launched a page directed toward the android market and specifically for schools who use those type of devices. It's simply called, Android for Schools. I'm a big fan of Richard so I think this will develop into a handy resource for you "Androids". I scrolled through some of the post and yep, the apps mentioned have foreign names, but I'll be checking back sometimes to keep up with what's going on the dark side (no offense).

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