Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hello Slide

Want a Presentation Online Tool with Voice Narration? Say Hello to...Hello Slide.

Hello Slide is a tool that you can use to add voice narration to slides that you display online. With their FREE Plan, you get unlimited editing with up to 50 presentations. Not bad, huh. Need more? Then Go Pro for 9 bucks a month to get up to 200 presentations and your presentations exported to video.

Update: February 27, 2012
I wanted to test out Hello Slide to see how it actually works. I have to say it's a pretty neat tool.

First create your slides in PowerPoint (Keynote will do the trick if you're a Mac). Then export the presentation to a PDF file which is the file type you'll need to import in to Hello Slide (other ways are coming soon according to the FAQ page Hello Slide's Website). Selected the language to be spoken. Add the words/sentences for each slide. Tested it out and voilá!

My presentation is below --- You can embed or send link directly. Here is the link to the Education category presentations that have been uploaded by other users. Other categories are available as well. The presentation has a continuous flow. By hitting the space bar, you can pause and un-pause the presentation.

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