Monday, September 17, 2012

PDFs...Meet Good Notes

For those educators who have embraced Pinterest like I have, if you haven't heard of Good Notes, then hold on to your seat because this little jewel of an app is pretty awesome. As I browsed the education category of Pinterest this weekend, I ran across a pin from a blog of a mother of a four year little girl with special needs. She blogged about how to use Good Notes with PDF files on your iPad. Her Blog entitled "Transferring Worksheets to Your iPad" gives you step by step directions and if you'd like to view the original post, click this. In a nutshell, if you have an iPad, pdf files, a file storage/file sharing app such as Dropbox or Box and the GoodNotes App, you'll need to do following:

1. Gather your pdf files and have them readily available for step number 3

2. Have Dropbox or Box downloaded to your computer

3. Copy and paste your pdf files in Dropbox

4. Open up GoodNotes on your iPad (it's a $3.99 app in the app store but well worth it - try out the FREE veriosion to make sure it's what you want/need)

5. Click the + sign at the top of the screen

6. Open up Dropbox and navigate to PDF file and Open it

7. Enjoy the pdf file by using your finger or a stylus pen to "mark it up"

8. Now say, "that is awesome" :). GoodNotes brings the Love of PDF files to your iPad...sweet!

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