Friday, September 28, 2012

United Classrooms

Image your students connecting with other students not only in their classroom, in their school, in their city, in their state BUT connecting with students around the globe? Image the wealth of knowledge that this connection will provide for your students and the experience they would obtain. United Classrooms, a FREE resource, connects classrooms around the world. Teachers simply sign their class up and students are connected to a secure classroom profile page which enables them to share content with their teacher, classmates, parents and collaborate with classrooms around the world. Go above and beyond the classroom walls and enter in to a world of connectivity. Need inspiration on what United Classrooms can do? View this video and be "wowed"!

United Classrooms from United Classrooms on Vimeo.
The official United Classrooms video. Connect your classroom to the world at

Here's more of what United Classrooms has to offer (taken from

From the classroom profile page, students…
  • Dialogue with their classmates, their teachers and students around the world in a continuous feed of thoughts, questions, comments and reflections on current events, homework and other educational topics.
  • Message their classmates, teachers and students in other classes to build pen pal relationships, extend learning opportunities, discuss assignments and turn in homework.
  • Upload text, images and videos to show where they are from and what they are working on in class.
  • Explore other classroom profile pages in their grade level and build relationships with students with diverse backgrounds and learning experiences.
  • View and download homework assignments and/or teacher announcements.
From the classroom profile page, teachers…
  • Engage students by creating projects, posting homework/announcements, uploading assignments, messaging students and prompting dialogue on the classroom feed.
  • Collaborate with other teachers in their community and the world.
  • Communicate with parents by posting classroom announcements and information.
  • Manage all student content by deleting communication and suspending accounts.
  • Use content generated on United Classrooms to springboard lessons and discussions.
From the classroom profile page, parents…
  • View announcements, homework and assignments posted by teachers.
  • View student projects and posts on their child’s classroom profile page.

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