Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Project Share...It's Global!

Have you been looking for a way to connect with other professional teachers to collaborate and share resources? Are you a Texas educator? Check out this awesome FREE resource for the educational world. Project Share is an online resource that incorporates Web 2.0 tools and applications. Collaborate with teachers, share ideas, grab awesome resources, create a website or blog, create an ePortfolio, upload documents and files up to 50MB (yes I said 50...no more worrying about if my file is too big to send via email), take online courses, connect with students and parents...the list goes on. I did I say FREE. Yes, it's free for any Texas educator (provided by TEA).

Once you establish your spot on Project Share, no matter where you go, near or far, out of the state, out of the country, you will always have this resource. On top of that, this tool is open to all Texas students and their ePortfolio will follow them throughout school.

If your Texas District does not already have this powerful resource, then direct them to Project Share Texas or Epsilen to learn more. Project Share Texas is part of Epsilen which is in collaboration with The New York Times.

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