Thursday, October 13, 2011


Being a blogger, I have experienced with many blogging platforms including Blogger and Wordpress. I made the leap to Tumblr just recently to see if I would like that style of blogging. As a photographer, I am stuck on Wordpress and use that as my platform for my photography. As a mother, I really like Blogger for my boys blog. Although I've had two other educational blogs with blogger, I decided to do my most recent educational blog with Tumblr. There was a small learning curve when I first started using it but I'm a technologist so I caught on pretty quickly. I think those that are not as tech savy will probably become frustrated although it's set up to be very simple.

This week, I wanted to add more items to my sidebar and I found that Tumblr doesn't make this simple. That frustrated me a little and made me wonder, "do I want to keep this blog with tumblr?" I came to the conclusion that I don't. My research began!

I wanted to know how I could transfer my blog without loosing what I had created with my over 100 post since August. It took a little while but I finally found a post that gave me a 1,2,3 step process. It wasn't a skip and hop but it definitely worked. I am so happy. I feel I have more control over how my blog presence looks and with the upgrades Blogger has made, I totally pleased.

For now, my tumblr blog is and will still remain live but I'm almost certain that in a month or two, I will be pressing that delete button.

Here are the steps to move from Tumblr to Blogger. The middle man is used in these steps, good old Wordpress, so it's possible that one might move to Wordpress and just stay there.

The article that helped me transfer is here:
Just in case it is deleted in the future, here's what to do:
1) Use the first link below to convert your Tumblr blog into an XML which you can import to WordPress. Tumblr2WordPress: Export Your Tumblr To WordPress
2) Import this XML to a WordPress blog. Then, export this WordPress blog and convert it to a Blogger blog, using the second link below. Wordpress2Blogger conversion utility
3) Import the resulting XML to Blogger, instructions in the third link below. How do I import and export blogs on Blogger? - Blogger Help

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