Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Salman Khan - Changing Education

Khan University -

A free world-class education for anyone anywhere.

If you haven't heard of Salman Khan then you need to google him. You will run across several important things. To sum him up...he's taking education to a whole new level with his phenomenal vision.

Educators must watch the video. It inspires, it educates, it sells the service and the service is completely FREE.

His story is amazing. He started out tutoring his cousins via video conferencing. He turned those lessons into You Tube videos and his journey took off from there. Kids all over the world are learning math the way they learn best...at their own pace while incorporating with technology. With over 1 million members, Khan University is the future of education. As an educator, you can track your students and work with those that are struggling or have their peers who have mastered that skill tutor. You can also become a coach and tutor kids yourself. There are tons of videos and new features have been added to enhance the learning experience and keep students motivated. To learn more about Khan and Khan University, click this!

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