Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cutest Book Ever - The Biggest Pizza Ever

If this isn't the cutest iPad book...ever! I absolutely love it. I learned about it from Smart Apps for Kids. JibJab lets you choose what picture to insert in the story and add the child/student name and JibJab will generate it into an awesome story about a pizza. I would definitely give this one 5 stars even if it lacks the ability to generate it into a video (which I'm so hoping JibJab will eventually do). I can imagine how awesome students will think this is when they see their image and name plastered throughout this cute little story. I used my son's name and photo to test the book out. I can't wait to show him tonight. This book/app is completely FREE and you can purchase other titles as well but that's totally up to you. Below is a 4 minute video as I walk you through the story using my son's image.

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