Monday, November 28, 2011

Turn Your Site Into An App

This is a pretty cool way to view your classroom site or district site on your mobile device. It's pretty cool for any site for that matter. Learned about it from Kleinspiration, another great blog.

Conduit, the same makers of the wibiya toolbar for blogs and sites, provides a FREE service to turn your site into a mobile app. If you would like to have it added to app market, you will have to pay though (Apple - 100 bucks for the year and Android - $25 registration fee). Or you can send the link to friends and followers or post it on your site for others to get your app for FREE (which is what I did).

My link for my CLICK THIS app is:

You can also use the QR code that conduit provides. Here's CLICK THIS qr code -
And here's how the app icon looks verses adding a home screen button to the home page:

The cool look of Click This on the iPad. I was able to customize the logo and the colors scheme. Conduit also automatically added my Click This Facebook page. Total Awesomeness!

Now go get yours at Conduit! I'm about to go make a quick one for my cool!

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