Friday, December 2, 2011

gzaas It!

This neat little online tool allows you to create full screen messages. gzaas is a web service to create marvelous huge messages! And to associate them to links that you can paste anywhere! The following screen shoot is a gzaas and it states what a gzaas is according to it's creators. You can make it full of text or short with very few words. gzaas makes it possible to post a message in a powerful way which is what the company set out to do..."provide full screen messaging with awesome fonts for social networking and NOT be boring!"This could be used as a great attention getter for students so click this to check it out.

This is a screenshot of their gzaas for dummies tutorial. Super simple, even for the technically challenged.

Where to gzaas! A gzaas is a link. So you can paste anywhere you want:
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Email
  • Blog post & comments
  • Forums
  • Street wall?
Here's my first little/big gzaas. I added a launcher to this gzaas which is the preceding message that gives, at many times, sense to a gzaas:
Teachers aren't paid enough... 

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