Thursday, December 8, 2011

Smart Apps for Kids!

Ron, over at Smart Apps for Kids, has an awesome website that I've failed to feature here on Click This.  I've mentioned him several times but I think it's time I gave you "the skinny" on his importance. Ron was an average Dad who saw the need to really dig deep into an app to see how educational it really is - after all just because an app states it's educational and just because it's listed under the educational category in the App store - we as educators know that doesn't make it appropriate for teaching and learning.

Ron has devoted his time and energy in seeking out the best apps for his kids and ours, whether that's our own children or the kiddos we embrace in our classrooms. So now that you know a little about Ron, I'd have to say he's not that ordinary Dad I previously mentioned. He's a "SMART" Dad that the educational world should be thanking. So thanks Ron for your "quest to find the best educational apps for the iPad and iPhone"! Click on over to his Smart Apps for Kids site and check out his hard work for yourself. Once you do, you'll be hooked just like me.

Here is a little info about his site:

Smart Apps for Kids (taken from his about page - notice that huge increase on his Facebook page - Ron organized and operated a "monstrous" Open House App Friday - and I mean monstrous in a good way...totally awesome)

* We've experienced an 870 percent increase in visits and 1328 percent increase in page views since June, 2011.
* Visits from Facebook have increased from 667 in July to 11,818 in November (1746 percent).
* The site is ranked in top 10 (first page of search results) for more than 50 education/kids app Google searches, including numerous No. 1 rankings.
* We have more than 10,400 followers via Facebook, Twitter, RSS and email subscription.
* Smart Apps For Kids has received more than 440 thumbs up at StumbleUpon with a 94.1 thumbs up/thumbs down ratio.

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