Thursday, December 1, 2011

Remember Highlights?

It has two types of magazines, Highlights for ages 6 and up and High Five for ages 2 to 6. My son received a form to order the Highlights magazine a couple of days ago and it brought back memories of when I was in the classroom. I remembered it didn't matter if your students parent's wanted the subscription or not (well I'm sure they wanted the business but...), what mattered was that the form came back completely filled out and checked yes or no on rather they wanted the subscription. Teachers still received something which I thought was cool. Seeing that form prompted me to look up Highlights and find out if they joined the app world and sure enough, they did indeed. They have there famous hidden pictures application which is very similar to the magazine version and they have handwriting apps. Some apps come with a lite version so you can try it out and some come with a "buy full version" only selection. To find out more about Highlights Apps, click this. If you wanna look into their well-known magazines, click on over here.

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