Friday, January 27, 2012

Bring Storytelling to Life in the Classroom...

Need great ways for students to create stories? Want to incorporate technology in the classwoom? Want the students enthused about what they are doing in school? Need FREE apps? Then check out these cool tools!

Try StoryLilnes for School! You start with a phrase (a quote, a famous proverb, a vocabulary word or whatever). The second student illustrates the phrase as best they can. The third student gives that picture a title but does not know what the original phrase. They fourth student illustrates that title and so on. Creativity and fun continues through this app and the final product can be shared via email on in a browser.

Try Storyrobe! The steps are super easy and simple to use and the product is grand. Simply select or take a photo within the app (or select a video which it will only show the thumbnail of the video). Arrange your photos in the order you want to tell the story by selecting the rows of lines next to the picture and moving your selection up or down. Once your storyboard is ready, press record, flick through the photos/videos to tell your story by doing a voiceover - "speak your mind". Simply press the create button and view it to be sure it's to your satisfaction. Now you can share your creation via YouTube or simply by emailing it to others.

While those are FREE and AWESOME I might add, here's another AWESOME but with a small price tag (which is a 30% discount for a limited time). I had to mention this little jewel because of it's feature to be submitted to the iTunes for the world to see.

Book Creator is perfect for little ones to step in the world of creating their own books and publishing for all to see with ease. Picture books, Photo Books, Cookbooks or Art Books are just a few types that kids could easily create with this handy app. You can directly record audio or import from your iPad's music library. You can also have background music - either per page or for the whole book.

Wanna sell your can! And there's no extra fee. You only pay the initial $4.99 for the app. It works both on iPad 1 and iPad 2 but can output a file to be viewed on some e-readers.

Pretty cool, huh? Click on over to Book Creator website and watch a video. I must say, if you see it, you'll go buy the app like I did. Don't say you weren't warned! :-)

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