Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pinterest on the iPad

So you wanna pin on the iPad huh. Well I found a tutorial to allow you to do just that. It took me a minute to grasp the steps but by golly, I got it. Click This to link to the tutorial.

And here are the steps if you don't want to read through the tutorial:
1. Open Safari on your Pad.
2. Go to Pinterest.
3. Click the bookmark arrow at the top, and save it to the bookmark bar. You may change the name to whatever you want. I used just the word Pinterest but you can say Pin It or whatever.
4. Click Save.
5. Click on your Bookmarks icon which is next to the bookmark link. It's the open book.
6. The Pinterest bookmark will be at the end. You don't have to do this but it will make it so much easier. Click the Edit button next to the words Bookmarks Bar. Scroll down to the Pinterest Bookmark and using the the lines at the end of it, scroll it to the top of your bookmarks by pressing down and moving it upwards.
7. While still in "edit mode", click on the Pinterest bookmark and in the second box, delete the link that's there. Now copy and paste the following code.


8. Go back a step by clicking the Bookmark Bar word and click "Done"

Now it's ready. Let's give it a try.

1. Using Safari, go to a website of choice.
2. When you're ready to pin, click the Bookmark Bar icon, "the open book". If you moved Pinterest to the top,  you'll be glad you did because you won't have to scroll down through your list.
3. Click the Pinterest Bookmark and there you go. You should see the PIN IT screen as you do on a desktop/laptop.
4. Carry on as usual. :-)

Hope this helps.
I just LOVE Pinterest.

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