Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Eyejot - Video Mail

Eyejot is a an easy way to create and send video mail to others. Using any web browser or mobile device such as iPads or iPod Touches, eyejot lets your get a little more personable. It has both, desktop and mobile capabilities.

Check out the features!

Desktop (Browser-based) Features
  • Inbox and sent folders
  • Address book
  • Group sending support
  • Integration with your computer’s webcam
  • Ability to utilize pre-recorded video for PRO and PRO Plus users
  • Business-oriented features (attachments, view alerts, document library, branding) for PRO Plus users
  • Eyejot This! bookmark
Mobile (iPhone) Features
  • Inbox and sent folder views
  • Create new video messages using your device’s built-in camera
  • Support for both portrait and landscape recording
  • Ability to upload pre-recorded video from your photo gallery
  • Eyejot vCards providing an alternative to traditional business cards

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