Thursday, January 19, 2012

iBooks...Get Creative!

Apple announced today iBooks Author, a free Mac app for authoring interactive e-books. With this powerful software, users will be able to do simple drop and drag operations to create e-books in minutes. This product has a focus on education but definetly can be broaden for use outside of the classroom.

As an educator and a technologist, I'm screaming "Oh yeah"! This is absolutely the direction I would like to see books move toward. Awesome job Apple!

Make any type of book with iBook Author. Start with a template or customize your own template and let your imagination run wild. Add photo galleries, videos, add text by typing or just drag and drop files from your desktop. Text flows smoothly as you add images and you can add widgets to enhance it even more. Full screen video, keynote presentations and 3D images are just a few key features that you can add to make your iBook interactive. Use chapter review widgets to create review sections in your book...perfect for students. Use it in portrait view or landscape view. Export it or submit it to iTunes. Anyone can create gorgeous interactive books made just for the iPad!

If you're "A Mac", go grab your free app of iBooks Author in the Mac Store today and start creating and publishing amazing mutli-touch books for the iPad.

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